Bodegas Izquierdo



Hand-made harvest takes place in late September. After a careful selection, only the best bunches are picked and put into 18kg.boxes. The time spent between harvesting and the fruit arriving to the winery warehouse is maximum 2 hours.

Individual grapes are removed from the clusters and placed through gravity flow in the selection table, where 6 people make an extra grape-by-grape selection. This fruit is taken into temperature controlled stainless steal tanks of 15000 kg capacity for fermentation.

Self fermentation takes place in the tanks without any exogenous additives. Wild ferments and naturally occurring vineyard yeast provide the fermentation energy for the wine.
After 20 to 25 day maceration, the wine is stocked in American and French oak barrels. 10% of American oak barrels, and 90% French oak barrels, from certified French Cooperage experts awarded by the use of finest wood.
A second fermentation takes place in the barrels, lasting till June or July. The sediments are removed on fix days according to lunar cycle calendar.
Afterwards decanting is made barrel by barrel. Bottling date is decided by the wine expert, Antonino Izquierdo, when wine tasting notes meet the winemaker expectations.
Antonino Izquierdo is a fully natural wine, not subject to any physical or chemical procedures. It is a self-made wine.


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